Foam Rolling

We’ve all had mornings we have woken up with aches and pains whether its from sporting activities, busy lifestyle or one of those mystery aches you don’t know how they came about. We can all agree it can be very restrictive to your day and you may not always be able to see your health care professional for some relief.  Fear not there is a simple solution that you can use everyday to prevent these aches and pains from appearing or use for some relief on those days you haven’t woken up so flash.

The answer is the foam roller.

Up to this point you are missing out on one of the most effective tools for physique building, recovery and injury prevention. Its no wonder they are quicker gaining popularity among people from all walks of life from the elite athletes to your mothers walking group. This is because they have such a drastic and usually immediate impact on performance and overall health. 

Now that I’ve got your attention let me tell you more about these simple cylindrical tools that are providing people with treatment similar to massage in their own home. Foam rollers are used for self-myofascial release. This is a process by which you work on the soft tissue in the body to release it and increase mobility between the tissues. Not only is this great for your elite athletes and gym goers but it can greatly improve the overall health of everyday people.

This is because the releases of soft tissue heLps increase blood flow, allowing for better movement and increased range of motion.

For your sports people this means decreased recovery time and decreased chance of injury. For your everyday people this can decrease those little aches and pains you suffer from and allow movement to be easier and less restricted.  The great thing about foam rolling is that it can be done at any point of the day, before exercise, after exercise, at night, in the morning it can all be beneficial.  We all live very busy lives but a little as five minutes foam rolling each day can help prevent those aches and pains from coming up and provide relief from your workouts or the daily stresses of life.