Are you sleeping on the right pillow?

Do you wake with a sore or tight neck?

Do you wake up with headaches?


Do you wake up feeling you have not had a good sleep?

Then it may be time to look for a new pillow.

Choosing the correct pillow is a very important decision and needs to be tailored to you and your needs. It is imperative to have a pillow that supports your head and neck in a neutral position aligned with the rest of your spine.

Commonly, people pick pillows that are either too high or too low for their neck and place it in incorrect spinal position throughout the night. This can lead to neck and back problems that can also result in headaches and morning stiffness. Incorrect pillow height can also interrupt our quality of sleep, as we feel the need to continually adjust our sleeping position to get comfortable. With the right pillow there will be no space between your neck and pillow to prevent incorrect spinal posture.  Your head and neck will also be supported throughout the night stopping the continual waking up and changing position so you wake up feeling refreshed.

It is also important to consider when choosing the correct pillow to pick one that is appropriate for your frame. If you are smaller framed you will not need a firm pillow compared to a larger framed person or people with broader shoulders.  You could also consider a pillow that is size adjustable, this is a great way of choosing what pillow height is comfortable for you. Lastly, keep track of how old your pillow is. Pillows should be replaced every 18 months to ensure they are still offering the correct support.

So how can you make sure you make the right choice in pillow? Instead of using the hit and miss technique until you find one you like seek advice from a healthcare professional with knowledge in this field. This can help take the guesswork out of buying a pillow. Another benefit is if they stock pillows themselves they can observe your body position and make adjustments and recommendations based on what they see.

At Elevate Health we offer a range of pillows and have a bed in our clinic for you to test the pillows and allow our friendly staff to make recommendations on pillow set up for you.


You no longer need to put up with a restless nights sleep or a stiff neck when you wake up, come in and get fitted for the right pillow today and see the difference it can make to every night!



Claudia StoneComment