What is Dry Needling?

Most people have heard of dry needling before but maybe haven’t given it a try yet. It can sound extreme and a little bit scary, but it is one of our most effective tools and has many benefits for the body.

Dry needling involves using a thin needle to access a muscle that is either tight/restricted or under-active, leaving the muscle unable to work to its full range or strength, which may lead to pain.

How big are dry needles?

The needle causes changes within the muscle on a cellular level, leading to a relaxation of the tight muscle fibers, easing of pain and an influx of healing chemicals to the treatment area.

This results in an immediate decrease in muscle tension and an increase in the ability to move freely.

The needles are usually left in for 5-10 minutes during which time your therapist may adjust the position of the needles to stimulate a larger area of muscle.

Dry needling can be much less painful than having a deep tissue massage, with most people reporting they don’t feel anything during the treatment.

Some patients may experience an uncontrolled muscle twitch as the tightness is relieved, this process is usually painless, or may just feel a bit weird!

Dry needling has few side effects, the most common being feeling an ache or warmth in the region being needled, lasting for a few hours after the needles have been removed. Your therapist can go through all the side effects when you come in for your treatment but majority of people have no side effects after their treatment. For those who may still feel hesitant about trying dry needling, come in and speak to one of our therapists about your concerns and they can answer any further questions you may have.

What is dry needling?

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